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The National Clogging Leaders Organization, Inc.

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"Many can teach, but only a precious few can reach"
Enroll today to experience the education of the Certified Clogging Instructor Program and the teaching tips from more than 50 established clogging instructors.
When you apply for CCI you'll be on your way to improving your instructional skills. You'll join a select group of men and women who have made the ultimate commitment to excellence in clogging instruction, career advancement and the ongoing pursuit of knowledge.

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2017 CCI Education & Certification

 San Antonio, TX

Wed, Nov 22nd & Thu, Nov 23rd

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C.L.O.G. offers a variety of educational "tracks" within the CCI program:

Seminar Overview
  • History
  • Leadership and Motivation
  • Marketing and Management
  • Instructional Skills
  • Choreography
  • Sound and Voice Production...... and much more
Franchise Opportunities Marilyn Hansen Scholarship

Interested in hosting a CCI Session? Learn about new Franchise opportunities for individuals and organizations interested in offering additional educational services to cloggers in their area.


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The Marilyn Hansen Scholarship includes tuition for CCI Sessions I & II and the registration fee. For more Information please contact CCI at